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You can change a family’s future

Help us love and serve 500 families in San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic!

Many people in San Juan live in poverty, struggling to support themselves. Without access to resources, they can’t access nutritious food, educate their kids, or keep their families safe. Every day is difficult, and every dream feels impossibly out of reach.

But with your help, we can do something. We can love and serve our neighbours in San Juan. We can unleash the power of Opportunity for 500 families in the Dominican Republic.

Partner with us today so that parents can earn a living, entrepreneurs can build businesses, children can go to school, and families can thrive.

You can change a family’s future. Do something today.

Opportunity International Canada | School Children

Opportunity International Canada | Client

Opportunity International Canada | Client

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Unleash the Power of Opportunity

Creating Opportunity

The global community has made massive progress in the fight against poverty. Half as many people are living in poverty today than there were 20 years ago.

Microfinance is Reaching Millions

Microfinance is a smart, cost-effective, scalable, innovative, and sustainable approach to the challenge of global poverty. Women have become active participants in their communities, generating income for their families as well as stimulating local economic and social development.

The Last Mile is Always the Hardest

We've always known poverty is a complex problem. Despite making significant progress, economic growth is only part of the answer. Opportunity continues to pioneer smart solutions to the multi-dimensional face of poverty. Our goal is to equip the families we serve with the tools they need to escape poverty forever.

Innovation is Key

This means investing in mothers with small loans and creating innovative tools for the financing of education, home improvements and cell phone banking. It also means stretching our reach and relationships in an effort to bring creative thinking, new technology and visionary leadership to address the issues of poverty. Our desire is a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential. This year we have a goal of raising $10 million to that end. We need bold partnerships to unlock the potential of the poor. Will you join us?

Below are our current partners, click on each to learn about the innovative and inspirational programs they are undertaking.


Opportunity International's partner in Nicaragua, locally known as Asociación de Oportunidad y Desarrollo Económico de Nicaragua (ASODENIC) has been working as a microfinance nonprofit since 1995 and is one of the country’s most respected practitioners.

Opportunity International Canada | Nicaragua


Opportunity International's partner in Honduras since 1999 is locally known as Instituto Para el Desarrollo Hondureño (IDH), and has been working as a microfinance not-for-profit for over 40 years. In keeping with its desire to provide clients with greater financial inclusion, IDH is in the process of becoming a regulated financial development organization allowing them to offer a wider range of products including loans, insurance, savings, remittances, utility payments, lines of credit and term deposits.

Opportunity International Canada | Honduras


Opportunity International's very first loan was made in Colombia in 1971 through a Canadian missionary. From humble beginnings, Opportunity now works through a formal financial institution with loans and savings, as well as nonprofit AGAPE (Asociación General Para Asesorar Pequeñas Empresas) and Investing Hope Foundation, providing small loans to those at the bottom of the economic pyramid with specialized financial products such as home improvement loans, innovative training, and offering unique programs geared towards youth entrepreneurship.

Opportunity International Canada | Colombia


Opportunity International Canada is partnering with Opportunity Australia in India's poorest state, Bihar, to deploy loans and savings accounts to women entrepreneurs, train community health leaders and provide families with loans for toilets and water pumps. In Bihar, where 7 million live below the national poverty line of 40 cents a day, a small loan and support has the potential to change the future of a family forever

Opportunity International Canada | Technology

Education Finance

Because education is the single greatest determinant of economic status, Opportunity International has created a global initiative developing innovative products to finance and improve education.

Products such as School Improvement Loans are helping school proprietors improve their school buildings, allowing them to add basic amenities like toilets and running water which helps keep girls, especially, in school. School Fee Loans are empowering mothers to continue educating their children through lean months.

This is an outside-the-box approach to education and the complexities of poverty, born from listening to the cry of our clients.

Opportunity International Canada | Edufinance

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