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Andronica has always had dreams for herself, but there was no clear-cut path for her to achieve them.

Being born in Nicaragua, she knew there were certain realities she had to face. Almost half the population of her country lives in extreme poverty. Approximately 30% of those in her community get by on less than $2 a day.

But Andronica believed that things could be different for her . . . somehow.

When she heard about a loan program operated by one of Opportunity’s local partners, she knew she could use the program to overcome her circumstances. She received a $300 loan to grow the small clothing business she had been running out of her house. The money allowed her to supply the clothes that people ordered, and even to travel outside her town to purchase inventory.

Soon she had opened her store in a new location—selling well-known brands for men and women. She was even able to hire a young single mother to help her out.

“I’m grateful to God that my loan was approved and that my business has grown,” says Andronica. “I’ve been able to increase my inventory and sell people the clothes they really want. My dream has been fulfilled!”

Nothing feels better than knowing you’ve helped someone access the resources needed to make a dream come true. Your past support is continuing to allow us to do this for others—thank you. Today, we’re looking for your help to allow more women like Andronica to create prosperous lives for themselves.

Opportunity is excited to be embarking on a plan to help expand the loan program that helped Andronica in Jinotega, Nicaragua. We intend to help them increase the number of clients they serve, by providing loans for 266 new ambitious entrepreneurs. To do this, we need to raise $40,000 this spring. Won’t you help us bring this plan to fruition? Your gift of $150 today will provide one first-time loan to a woman like Andronica, $600 will give loans to four women, and a generous gift of $4,500 will provide loans for a trust group of up to 30 women.

Your Support Will Help

There is a strong demand for microfinance ventures in Nicaragua. Our partner there has 20 years of experience in lending and client training. Together with your help today, we can give them the backing they require to meet the social and financial needs of many impoverished women.

Funding will be directed to the area of greatest need within the proposed program. Sometimes programs may change in scope and in this case, Opportunity may redirect funding to a suitable alternative program.