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EmpowerHER To Overcome Limitations

About this project

Many women in the Dominican Republic are living in poor conditions, and with little education, they face real disadvantages. With limited access to sustainable livelihoods, the women who are the most in need, continue to live their adult lives on the margin.

Our solution is “Aspiring Together”, a self-help group program that provides financial literacy and opportunities for financial and social inclusion of women through training and mentoring. Within this program, these women are empowered, and their financial stability is supported with services such as microinsurance, microsavings, continuous training, and support.

First, we help form groups of 25 women between 16-45 years old who are living on less than $3 a day. These groups receive training on gender equality, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Then, together with them, we help them identify the unique needs of each woman and tailor a financial and training plan to best support her journey out of poverty. They receive initial training on a variety of topics such as self-esteem and domestic violence, the importance of savings and debt management, and business management, as well as family relations.

Your contribution of $110 will EmpowerHER to participate in the Aspiring Together program, providing the tools to drastically transform the lives of women and her children’s future.

Your Support Will Help

Funding will be directed to the area of greatest need within the proposed program. Sometimes programs may change in scope and in this case, Opportunity may redirect funding to a suitable alternative program.