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A company's mission statement defines the company's purpose and answers the question, " why do we exist?" It is a powerful statement that should guide the actions of all those within the organization. Decor's mission statement is just that. Powerful.

To build life into people's lives brings many opportunities that come for a reason, a season or a lifetime. A unique and special opportunity arose in the company's hands, an organization called Opportunity International. As with every opportunity, you need to take the next step. We wanted to figure out how to get our staff involved, raise awareness and bring light into the lives of others in need. And through this CorImpact was started.

CorImpact's mission is to impact our staff, the community and the world by assisting those in need. CorImpact, the lend a hand program by Decor Cabinet Company was formed in 2010.

CorImpact is Banking on Education! Education is a powerful tool and has the ability to take you anywhere. Education has the power to help alleviate poverty, spur economic growth and promote social change. People who are more educated tend to have higher income and to create jobs for themselves or others; they also have lower participation in criminal activity and reduced incidence of HIV/AIDS. We want to support the next generation of mover and shakers through education.

We as the CorImpact community have the privilege of supporting 2 stellar schools in Ghana. The Samrit Academy based in Ashiaman and Unique Foundation International located in Ofaakor-Kasoa in the central region of Ghana.

The Samrit Academy has plans to construct a new classroom in the near future. Samrit serves students from pre-school through primary school and has 8 employees. A new school bus and complete computer lab are on the purchase list for Unique Foundation International (UFI). UFI students are in junior high -school and they have 17 employees. Both schools serve a lower socio-economic class and have female proprietors.

Share the vision and join us on the journey as we work together to impact the next generation through the powerful tool of education.

Every dollar invested in Opportunity becomes $6 invested in microenterprises over the course of 5 years.

As loans are repaid, the money is lent to new entrepreneurs again and again, multiplying the impact of each dollar over time. Check out our estimate of your group’s collective impact as your donations are recycled and reinvested!

opportunity international map
opportunity international map
Opportunity International helps more 12 million clients in 27 developing countries.

By investing in entrepreneurs and providing financial services like loans, savings, insurance and training, Opportunity empowers people to build businesses, support their families and transform their communities.

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