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8 people are supporting Nicaragua Crisis Management Training Fund

Nicaragua Crisis Management Training Fund

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In response to the current violence and unrest, we have established a Nicaragua Crisis Management Training Fund to support our partners and ultimately our clients, as they navigate this crisis.

In light of ASODENIC's inability to continue with their normal operations of disbursing and servicing loans to their clients, now is the perfect time to train staff in managing crisis situations. Utilizing their well-established infrastructure, ASODENIC’s staff will then be able to train and assist clients in recovering from the violence and unrest that currently exists.

Gifts will allow ASODENIC to equip and develop their staff and clients, who, when this crisis ends, will be in desperate need of loans and support. We have set an initial target of $90,000 for this fund.

In this time of emergency, I encourage you to stand with the people we serve by making a gift to the Nicaragua Crisis Management Training Fund today.

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