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A fundraiser is a fun, easy and effective way to grow passion and support within your community.

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How it works

We've provided some easy-to-follow steps for creating a fundraiser. You'll learn how to determine a theme for your fundraiser, a specific cause, a monetary goal, and a way to share it with those who can help make everything possible.

1. Explore a Theme:

You can bolster your fundraiser’s success by aligning it with an event or situation. Below are some popular themes to consider:

  • Birthday Fundraisers


    Birthday Fundraisers

    You can use your birthday to help someone start a new life.

  • Running Fundraisers

    Fun Runs

    Running Fundraisers

    Coordinating a fun run is a way to show your support for those who rely on perseverance to break down daily obstacles.

  • Wedding Fundraisers


    Wedding Fundraisers

    You can help someone’s fight against poverty in lieu of receiving gifts from a traditional registry.

  • Classroom Fundraisers


    Classroom Fundraisers

    You can encourage your children to get their teachers and classmates involved.

2. Determine a Goal:

Consider how much is needed, the number of expected donors and how much they will likely contribute. Below are some examples of how your donation could be utilized:

  • Set a goal of 500 dollars

    $500 can fund a school’s loan to purchase a refrigerator so they can offer lunches.

  • Set a goal of 1000 dollars

    $1000 can fund school fee loans for 12 children.

  • Set a goal of 1500 dollars

    $1500 helps provide loans to ten women.

  • Set a goal of 2000 dollars

    $2000 keeps a mobile bank on the road for 8 months.

3. Share with Friends and Family:

Share your passion with those who can help you support an entrepreneur’s fight against poverty.